Almost Home

It’s majorly raining in the Black Hills this morning and will continue for a few days. Thankfully, it held off yesterday so that we were able to have a fun day around Keystone, but there is absolutely no point going to Deadwood today or to Devils Tower tomorrow. It’s not just a question of being dressed appropriately since there are flood warnings. Meanwhile, it’s 10 Fahrenheit degrees warmer at home and sunny there. Time to do the final push.

I am leaving Keystone later this morning, late enough to ensure that I absolutely cannot get to the border by the 6PM closing time, will take a motel between Glendive and Scobey, and will be home tomorrow morning.

It’s going to take time to set up the internet booster when I’m home and depending on the condition of the rig, that could end up not being an immediate priority. I will tag in on Facebook when I can.

For my own sake, I do want to do a post about this last leg of the journey, but since I’ve noticed a distinct lack of interest in the blog since I left Santa Fe, I’m not too motivated to do a post about Keystone or a few other things that I could have updated about. Since nothing much is going to happen in the next few weeks anyway, my posting rate is going to go down. I’ll post for myself to record anything interesting, like how the rig survived the winter, but regular updates are done for the foreseeable future.

Next stop, sunny and warm Montana!

26 thoughts on “Almost Home

  1. Sometimes life gets in the way and one does not have time to read or comment. Your posts are always interesting.

    Sorry the weather changed your plans. Safe travels home.

    • Contessa, you’re the only one who left a comment about one of the most fun days of my life, so thank you for that. 😀

  2. I’ve really enjoyed our meet up. We had an amazing day at Mt. Rushmore, a really awesome lunch, a nice walk around town & you found the deal on the ice cream.
    I hope that when you get home to Haven & Miranda everything is fine.
    I won’t say good-by because I would really like to see you again, whether here in the states or on your side of the border.
    You’re a really sweet, interesting & intelligent women & I’ve learned a lot from you & this old dog can still learn new tricks.
    Thank you Rae!
    Safe travels & enjoy being home.

    • Vicki, thank you again for your wonderful hospitality! I am so glad I made the detour. Meeting you in person was like meeting up with an old and dear friend I hadn’t seen in years. *HUGS*!

  3. I always read everything you post, but don’t always comment. I’m sure there are more people like me, than those who do comment.

    • This commenter says it for me. Just because I am not commenting does not mean I am not enjoying reading about your adventures!

      Lurking is not a bad thing but I admit that it gives you no feedback.

      • Alex, I get that people lurk, but it’s nice to know once in a while that I’m not blogging into a vacuum! 😀

  4. Hi Rae….I guess I’m a lurker not a blogger but I really enjoy reading your blog and have followed it for quite some time. I have NEVER commented before but couldn’t let the opportunity pass without telling you how interesting your travels are!!

    From a fellow Canadian from Ottawa
    Ruth McIntyre

  5. I’m interested in everything you have to say–even the seemingly mundane “this is just life” stuff. I you feel it warrants a post, be assured I will be reading.

  6. Well, gosh I read you every day. Your Mount Rushmore post was really interesting. Loved the pictures. Also really enjoyed several other posts recently and the great pictures.

    Welcome home to Canada!

  7. As Liz said, there are likely many of us, like me, who read but don’t comment. I read many blogs and travel vicariously through them, enjoying reading about places I may never see.

  8. I am a regular reader/non-commenter as well. I’ve enjoyed following your adventures and journeys over the past couple of years. Please keep on writing!

    • Thanks, Connie. I’ll keep writing, just not at the pace I’ve been imposing on myself these last few weeks.

  9. Another friend here that reads every post….sometimes a day or two later but I always read. Glad you have had a good trip home. I hope you find Miranda in good shape.

  10. I have been reading every post since day 1.. I have commented a couple times, but mostly I just read. I guess I assume you can read minds and know we are all following along…lol I sometimes get busy and play catch up, but always following on Facebook. I have really enjoyed reading your blog while you were in Mexico. You are a very brave woman! I hope all was well at Haven and please keep us posted on the mundane stuff too. Donna

    • Thanks for your comment, Donna. I know that a lot of people read and don’t comment, I’m guilty of that myself, but it has been especially silent the last week or so! Sometimes bloggers feel taken for granted. 🙂

      • I too also lurk. I have read all your posts since the beginning. I never thought about the effect of not adding comments. I will do better.
        I have sold the RV and am living in an apartment – still in Salem. My life is very quiet and potentially boring. I haven’t published a blog myself since I went back to work in late 2013.

        I am thinking about visiting you next winter if you are on Isla again.
        I am looking forward to your blogs on the return to your land, and life in your little village.

        • Joanie! Thanks for the update. So sad you sold the RV, but it was bought for a different life. I would love to have you visit next winter!

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