A Not So Difficult Winter Finally Winds Down

Sunday will mark a year since I rolled into Haven. It is also very likely the day that I will be moving out of my friend Laura’s yard and back to Haven!

This winter truly wasn’t that bad and was much more comfortable than the winters I spent in British Columbia, the dry sunny cold being much more tolerable than the humid overcast warmth. I will miss my view out the office, but look forward to being able to fully open my house door!

Except for the exceptionally frigid nights that propane wouldn’t liquefy and I had to keep getting up to switch tanks, this winter was effortless in terms of RV maintenance and keeping my rig comfortable. I do not in the least feel that I ‘survived’ this winter.

SaskPower came by earlier this week to examine the work done by the electrician and deemed it satisfactory enough to schedule the installation of my meter. I was told it could take up to 10 business days. I called this morning to ask if they had a date for me and explained my situation in the hope that they would take pity on me. They did and promised that I will have power tomorrow or Monday at the latest if something comes up tomorrow! Once the meter is in, I will have power immediately, no waiting for them to flip a switch.

I’m still swamped with work, but hope to start prepping Miranda tomorrow afternoon. I don’t have that much exterior work to do beyond putting away the skirting and charging the house battery, but I will admit that the interior is a bit of a disaster. Getting out of here will mean a lot of jockeying back and forth and tight turns, so I am doing a full pack even though I’ll just be going around the block.

I eventually need to empty out Laura’s garage as well and I can’t believe how much stuff is in there! Where the heck did I used to put it?!

I asked the RM the turn on the water at the hydrant I used last summer, but have not received a reply from them. I will call tomorrow to ask if they have an idea of when that will happen. More than anything, even power, I want running water! I have spent so many winters since 2003 without running water and I am beyond done with that!

Warm weather appears to be holding tenuously and we have several beautiful days ahead, so I look forward to continuing work on cleaning up my property. I have received compliments for my efforts from total strangers, which makes me feel quite proud!

Folks who have met me in the last few years would probably not recognize me this spring, so bright eyed, slim, and energetic. I think my physical state speaks volumes to my mental state and that I am not lying when I say that while I might not have had the winter I wanted, I had the winter I needed.

My year in Saskatchewan has done me a world of good and allowed me to decide on what I want to do next. It’s almost sacrilegious to talk about next winter, but the wheels have already been set in motion for the next great big adventure of my life. It’ll come into focus in late July or August, but I’m already talking about it with some folks like it’s a done deal. Last time I did that, I wound up on a beach in Texas, so the chances are good this is going to happen. 🙂

Well, I’d better get back to work as I have a late deadline tonight and an early Skype meeting with a client in the morning. Hopefully, my next post will be of pictures showing Miranda parked at Haven!

3 thoughts on “A Not So Difficult Winter Finally Winds Down

  1. Here’s to everything falling into place quickly for your move to Haven. I’m so happy that things have worked so well for you this past year. I do miss seeing you on your mad dashes north or south. Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. I’m so happy everything is going well for you. Especially your health. Who knew not eating eggs could make such a difference?!

  3. It’s not just the eggs. It’s the lack of sugar, the increased fruits and veggies and protein, the better sleep. I think the sleep thing is the biggest issue. I used to barely function on 10 hours and now I’m productive on 6 to 7.

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