A Gentle Repeating of History

Augh. Another day, another day of being employed only part-time. Part-time might pay the bills, but it doesn’t pay for groceries or extras like new glasses because the arm on your pair snapped off! I did yet another round on foot with the resumes today. All but one store (Zellers) accepted one and most said that they are hiring for the holiday season. Hopefully…

It has occurred to me that my situation right now is really not unlike that in Oliver last year, except that my ‘free’ rent comes at a reasonable cost and is not making me miserable! There isn’t really any place for me to go, unless I want to go pay the park rates in the big cities of the Island like Nanaimo or Victoria, so I’m not considering moving. The extra hours come January are going to help, but won’t make up for two months of only part-time employment.

Even if financially things are as they are, I can see my RVing life slowly improving and I imagine that things are only going to get better. It’s just the ‘in the meantime’ that can sometimes be hard to get through. I have to remember that building a new life takes time and patience and that good things come to those who wait.

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