A Four Letter Word Falling From the Sky


It’s really blowing out there and it’s COLD! Well, it’s cold outside. I’m cozy in the RV and barely having to run the heat. And I’m trying to figure out why I left my coat in the truck instead of having it in here with me. Not that I need to go out. I was thinking of going to a museum this afternoon, but things will have to change dramatically for me to go out there. 🙂 It is pretty, but considering that I was walking a coconut palm beach just three weeks ago, this is hard for me to wrap my brain around!

Home is much warmer right now and dryer and I’m ready to get to a lower elevation. I’ve been monitoring the forecasts through Colorado and I’ve decided to just take I-25 through Denver even though I swore I would never go through there again, at least not behind the wheel. But when it’s 27F in Breckenridge at 12,000′ and 57F in Denver at 5,000′, the decision is logical. I’m just not equipped to get trapped in cold snowy conditions since I don’t have proper footwear (no closed shoes, just sandals!!!!) and my truck handles poorly in snow.

Thankfully, the weather in the Black Hills appears to be clearing, so I should have a nice stay there. Just need to get through this final hump. Once again, I’m glad I have such cushy digs for riding out this weather that I knew was going to happen. May is such a fickle month for travel.

10 thoughts on “A Four Letter Word Falling From the Sky

  1. I wondered about your plan to go through Breckenridge; our daughter used to work at a ski resort there so I suspected the weather would not be welcoming. Glad you changed your mind and I hope Denver is nice to you this trip.

  2. The weather forecast isn’t terrible, but I have a better chance of being able to truck camp through the I-25 route. I’d like to save two nights of hotels…

  3. No problem, I work in the morning & off in the afternoon (6:30 am to 2:30 pm). 😀

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