A Day At the Farm

Today, Ms. Cinnamon drove me about 70 miles east, near the town of Celeste, to her friend Paul’s organic farm.

I am very cooked tonight (note to self, bring a broad brimmed hat for an afternoon at a farm!), but I had a lot of fun. I learned about some of the products they are growing, sampled some green stuff, got to clean chicken poop off freshly harvested eggs, and even herded sheep and their lambs! Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car for that, which was the highlight of the day. Dang! You’ll just have to believe me when I say that the lambs were really cute!

I was offered two dozen of the gorgeous eggs we collected and it was really hard to say no, but I don’t even make quiche or desserts with egg anymore, having conceded that I am likely allergic to eggs.

It was a lovely day of fresh air, sunshine, and wholesome food. Thanks, Paul and Ms. Cinnamon!

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