A Week After Getting a Root Canal at Quality Dental in Mérida, Mexico

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Well, I’m coming up to a week post root canal and I still cannot believe what a non-deal it was!

Yesterday morning, I had an appointment to check on the work. Everything looked good and, thankfully, they were able to cap it right then and there. I didn’t realise that that could have been a third appointment, which would have been a pain as this was already my third dentist visit in a week! The dentist is across town from me, so it’s a bit frustrating when I have micro appointments that take much less time than the trip back and forth! As it was, I got into an Uber at 9 yesterday and was walking in the door at 10:30 on the dot, with the root canal nightmare behind me!

It wasn’t until the dentist headed for my mouth with the drill that it finally hit me that he would not need to freeze me because I had no nerves left in that tooth! The drilling and polishing were uncomfortable as my tooth really felt hollow and I could feel vibrations, but there was no pain per se. It was such quick work that it was not a big deal ultimately. I was told that I could use my tooth “like normal” right then and there, no waiting for anything to set.

For dinner, I roasted some cherry tomatoes as the ultimate test, since one of those is what told me that I really could not live with the tooth pain. Dinner was a non-event, so I then did one last test, just in case, getting a celebratory Blizzard at Dairy Queen, making a point to eat it on my left side. All was good! 🙂

My next dental appointment, to check on my orthodontic work, is in a month. I’m really hoping that this is the last “regular” one for a while and that I don’t have to go back for, say, six months!

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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I’m firmly entrenched in my three-times-a-week Pilates routine and then stopping at a coffeeshop afterwards. This coffeeshop, Ritrovo, was a badly needed addition to my neighbourhood. It’s just a titch too far from home to be super convenient, but it is on the route home from Pilates, so a huge improvement to my quality of life here. Before, my only options for coffee were Italian Coffeeshop (a very expensive and not very good chain) just north of me on Calle 60, or a bakery in Campestre with overpriced bad coffee. Ritrovo is located in Colonia Malaga at the corner of Calle 60 and Rogers Hall, a very convenient and central location.

Ritrovo means “hang out” in Italian. Why an Italian name? The coffeeshop is owned and operated by two sisters who married Italians! So you know the coffee has to be good!

I usually only get a black iced Americano, but sometimes indulge in a brownie or a garlic and cheese knot. Today, I was invited to try out some items from the new menu, all at no charge! Of course, I’ve been sharing this on all my social media.

For my main, I had a choice of French toast or molletes, beans and cheese on toast. Of course, I picked the latter. I was not expecting anything so fancy! They used a brioche bread and topped the beans and cheese with salsa verde, crema, and pico de gallo. Absolutely stunning. Pretty much a perfect breakfast for me.

In addition to my coffee, I was offered a “tisana,” an herbal tea, but theirs are complex combinations. Mine was cherry with a bunch of other yummy things in it. I drink these without sugar, so they are a guilt-free treat and what I used to get after Pilates when I went in the evenings.

And then I was offered dessert! Really, this was way too much after the molletes, but I could not refuse. I believe it was the same bread as the molletes, but in a cinnamon caramel sauce, then topped with fruits and a homemade berry sauce. The whipped cream had lime zest in it. Super indulgent, but not nearly as sweet as it looks!

If you are in Mérida and want to get away from the tourist zone, you’d do well to visit Ritrovo.

The Morning After Getting a Root Canal at Quality Dental in Mérida, Mexico

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My mouth thawed quickly last night and it took me a while to realise that because I kept expecting pain even though I knew the point of the procedure was to kill the nerves! Around 9PM, an hour after getting home, I felt comfortable having dinner.

I went to bed around 10PM and I need to find out what is in my regular dentist Dr. Javier’s “happy juice” because I might have felt like it did nothing for me during the procedure, it must be the reason that I had my first really good night sleep in decades! I slept through the night, unheard of for me, and actually felt rested. Wow!

There was no pain this morning from the procedure, just a little sensitivity where I was jabbed with the anesthetic. For the inlay, the surgeon was very conservative and poked me four times on both sides of the gum, so my gums were really sore the next day. Dr. Victor, the surgeon from yesterday, immediately went with the notion that I’d need extra anesthetic and loaded up the syringe such that I only needed the two jabs, meaning a lot less gum pain this morning. So I felt great this morning, really not what I expected!

In fact, I feel so great I have to keep reminding myself I have a temporary filling on that tooth and I really need to be careful what I eat until I return on Tuesday morning for a check and then hopefully a permanent filling.

Could this dental nightmare be well and truly coming to a proper close? I believe it might be!

I’m also done with my orthodontic treatment other than having to wear a retainer at night (although I get a two-week reprieve while we sort out the bad tooth).

Needless to say, a new smile has been something to celebrate. Just before my Campeche trip, I found a hair stylist to cut and colour my hair now that there are so many more products out there for women with alopecia to manage their thin hair. Tuesday, I went back to get a touchup. It’s amazing what a little hair dye and keratin fibres can do! After two decades of wigs and head scarves, it has been VERY weird these last four weeks to go out bareheaded, but also very freeing.

Getting a Root Canal at Quality Dental in Mérida, Mexico

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What I thought was my worst nightmare came true — I needed a root canal on my bad tooth. The pain started to become intolerable in the last week, and after a hot cherry tomato exploded all over the tooth and I saw stars, I knew that it was time for drastic measures. I was careful all week before my scheduled appointment yesterday, but still managed to hit the tooth with hot and cold substances that nearly made me black out. My dentist was pretty mad that I hadn’t pushed up my appointment, but he blamed my history with Canadian dental lack of care for my “patience.”

This is how the procedure went today:

They start you off with some medicine (drops in water) to relax you, although I don’t think that really did anything for me.

The dentist then explains the procedure and checks your history to determine how much numbing agent you are going to need, in my case four times the average…

He asks you about the music and searches for a playlist that you like, in my case, kind of operatic Mexican stuff that did more for me than the drops.

He then tests your sensitivity slowly, using air and water, and then by starting to drill.

When he has drilled to the nerve and you say that everything has been fine, he lets you know that we’re at the end of the worst part and that if you don’t feel anything now you won’t feel anything at all so you can relax.

He gets to work and you relax and take micro naps and enjoy the music and two hours later it’s over. 🤷‍♀️

Once again, I feel so blessed to have such amazing dental care. Cost for the procedure so far (not sure if I have to pay for part two next week) was $3,150, about 170USD or 225CAD.