Life in the Modern World Can Be Very Convenient!

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I must tell you about my wild tale of life in the modern world.

Today, I had to pick up my new phone today at Galerías and also an order for sausages and ham from The Sausage Lady at Slow Food market, just north of Gran Plaza.

The two places are about a 15-minute walk apart.

I thought I could go pick up my phone, stop at Costco for my meds (only that because this being Buen Fin weekend it would be a madhouse), and then get my food.

Well, I woke up at 5AM with a singular thought: What time does Galerías open? 11AM! And Slow Food closes at 12PM! There was no way in hell I could get my phone and then to Slow Food in a one-hour window. Going to the Apple store for who knows how long (nearly three hours, it turned out) holding a big bag of heavy frozen stuff was not an option. I really did not want to go to Slow Food, go home, and go back out to Galerías.

Then I remembered my cleaning fairy was going to be here today.

So I went to Slow Food at 10AM, got my order (and a few other things), and then called my shopping an Uber (Flash service)! In a few minutes a guy showed up on a motorcycle, took my package, and headed to my house. I was able to track his trip in the Uber app. When he arrived, the doorbell rang on my phone, so I was able to see him give the bag to my cleaning fairy! She had instructions to put the bag straight into my deep freezer, so knowing my shopping was safe, I was able to head to Galerías, by way of Costco’s pharmacy, without any concern.