Green Is Good, Redux

(Post 140 of 263. Thanks again to those who participated in the Fundrazr. As I mentioned in the post announcing Bast’s passing from COVID, I thank everyone for your generous donations to the original Fundrazr campaign, which resulted in sponsored 263 posts. I will continue to honour the commitment to write those 263 posts, but I will not commit to more. The link above is to a new campaign to help Bast’s family.)

I’m working on a post explaining what is going on with work and why my schedule has been in such upheaval this year. In the meantime, this video is about some warranty work that will be done on the exterior painting and some painting I’m having done inside at the same time. I’m really pleased with the painter’s professionalism. He told me in March, “Call me after the rainy season if you have any peeling and I’ll fix it at no charge.” So that’s what I did and what he’s doing, despite “some peeling” meaning having to touch up several complete walls. I remain thrilled with what a great list of handy people I have in my contacts.

A friend bought a house recently and asked if I could help him get a mover, ideally for the next day. Tall order? I called my favourite flete guy who helped me with the Poang chair to see if he might have a real moving truck, not just his little pickup, and some availability in the next few days Yep. He had my friend moved by midday the next day at a reasonable price! That made me feel like a magician!

Once the professional painting is all done, I have a looooong list of projects I am going to tackle myself! I think I’m done mourning all the tools I left behind in Canada and am ready to set up a workshop here!