A Three-Year Anniversary

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I cannot believe I have had my Bonita for three years now!



She is 14 or 15 and seems years younger as she is still very energetic and playful. I’m definitely getting more “good” years out of my senior than I expected!

She is still and always will be a timid and high-anxiety dog, but she knows this is her home and that I’m her mom and that she is (relatively) safe here. I think that’s better than anyone could have expected for her during that long decade at the refuge.

Three years ago, I awoke and went about my day not realising just how much my life was going to change after 6PM. This morning, B heard me moving around upstairs and made it clear that I needed to come downstairs right that second and play with her. Between that last morning without her and today’s, there were many mornings after she had a difficult night and greeted me terrified and stressed out. It’s been a journey to settle her into a routine, but we eventually found our stride.

I have to say that the pandemic keeping me home has really helped. And ironically enough, all this home time makes her less anxious when I do leave than it did when I was leaving her regularly! I often come home from running errands to her not waiting at the gate for me but instead mucking about in the garden digging and making a mess of herself! I’m always joking that she needed to “learn how to dog” and she’s getting there!

Bonita likes cheese, mud, just about any treat in stick form, and sneaking up behind me to give me a nip on the calf before running away laughing. She does not like loud noises, most men, cuddling (unless she initiates), or produce of any kind (have you ever seen a dog spit a banana halfway across a house? It’s hilarious!).

It was with trepidation that I embarked on this journey, and it has been well worth it. I finally understand the bond that people have with their dogs. It is indeed magical and seems to occur at a deep instinctual level. I adore her, I know that in her own way she loves me too, and I hope we have several more happy years.

Thank you, Bonita, for the joy you bring to my life! đŸŠŠđŸ„°