Buying Groceries Has Changed So Much In Lockdown

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Before lockdown I was pretty much in a routine of either getting my groceries myself once a week or having them delivered once a week. Once the lockdown started, it was 100% delivery for several months.

Before lockdown I almost never shopped at little specialty shops that I had to make a special trip to. In lockdown, seemingly everyone has figured out a good delivery system and I don’t mind paying a little bit extra for the convenience, so I have so many shops that have opened up to me. There are so many ingredients that were a real luxury before but now I can just get with a WhatsApp message, like wonton wrappers to make my own gyoza. I am really expanding my cooking horizons now that I have access to all these extra ingredients!

Today was a really good example of how I shop now between having everybody deliver to me and having the Walmart and the produce shop so close to me. I have a very full pantry, so I don’t buy a lot every week anymore.

Late morning, I heard the sound of a cow mooing, telling me to run outside and buy some fresh cheese and chorizo sausage from a gentleman on a pedal cart. At lunchtime, I took a few minutes and walked around the corner to the produce stand get some bananas and fruit for my smoothies.  I got back in and saw a Facebook post from a ranch I buy pork from announcing that they had smoked hams! So I ordered a kilo bone-in, and I also asked for some bone-in pork chops. Those will come this Saturday or next Saturday. No rush, I still have pork from my last order in the deep freezer. While I was doing that, the person who manages the co-op of small producers in the area replied that they found me a dozen duck eggs! ❤️ I ordered the eggs, a whole chicken, oranges, a basil plant, and a few sort of sundries to get to my delivery minimum. I’m going to be trying some local chocolate! After dinner and after my work was done for the day, I needed a leg stretch, so I popped out to Walmart to get almond milk and dog food. On the way back, the beer store by my house was open, so I went in and bought four cans total of two different types. And voilà, my shopping for the week done!

It’s a good thing that I have more eggs incoming because I got the deal of a lifetime, according to my price checking over the last year, on a KitchenAid mixer during a Costco Buen Fin sale (that I got a colour that I love is an incredible bonus, but I’m not a fan of the slippery bowl). So I need to start baking until I buy the pasta making and meat grinder attachments!

I baptized it by making a very delicious banana bread!

Even with a couple of shops near me, I’m still trying not to go out more than once a week or so. I actually can’t remember the last time I went out. It is good to go out a little bit every once in a while and just talk to somebody who can reply in the language that I really understand. Bonita is the best company, but she’s not the best conversationalist. But I can still understand a lot of what she says. For example, if I come out of the kitchen with a slice of banana bread and a cup of coffee and she’s sitting by her treat bag, this has to be the end result: