Hammock Experiment Update: One Week In

I have now been sleeping in my hammock for a full week and do not anticipate going back to a European bed any time in the near future. The Hammock Experiment has proven itself to be an immense success — I have a solid week of sleep behind me with no night being less than an 8 out of 10, I haven’t needed a nap in a week, my productivity is through the roof, and I’m generally feeling great overall, have fewer aches, and have even noticed an improvement in my posture!

Getting out of the hammock was always surprisingly easy. Getting in and comfortable is taking less effort every night and having to get back out to do something I forgot or attend to an odd noise, etc., and then resettle isn’t as much of production as it was. I am also now able to quickly fall asleep on my back in nearly the position I wake up in.

Moving to Mexico continues to be prove itself to be a cure-all for all my woes! 🙂

So if anyone is actually reading my posts, they will remember that this day last week found me perky enough to spend the morning at the neighbourhood market, where I found a dress I loved and ordered more to pick up today.

As a bit of background, I’m having trouble with my wardrobe here because I have suddenly started to perspire in ways that I never have in my life. Turns out, that’s my body acclimating! So anything cotton is incredibly uncomfortable — I arrive soaked to my destination, which is usually air conditioned, meaning that I freeze. I also go through multiple changes of clothes in a day to stay dry. Strangely enough, polyester fabrics have proven perfect for this climate: they might not breathe, but they dry super fast, likely why such fabric is so prevalent in clothing here.

My smocked bodice dresses from Maz are almost perfect for here. As a refresher, here’s one of those:

The problem with it is that it’s not modest enough for Mérida (bare shoulders) and I also don’t want to show that much skin under this brutal sun. So I’ve been looking for dresses just like that but with a bit of a sleeve.

I came home with this beauty last week. Oh my, it is so pretty! (You can click on the dress pictures to embiggen them and see more details!)

Today, the lady had a pile for me to sort through. She’d brought an assortment of colours and patterns. I picked out the best four and explained what I liked and didn’t like about each dress so that she could bring me an even better assortment next week as I want at least another four!

This is the first one I honed in on today. The darker tone makes it a bit dressier for going out in the evenings.

This was an obvious must-have! I love the rich pattern and colours.

My third choice would have been rated higher had it not had red in it (I was quickly told, “Think of it as wine-coloured!” LOL):

I like the colours and pattern of the last one I picked, but the fabric is different and a little thinner so I hemmed and hawed until the vendor told me she’d give me $20 off if I bought all four. That doesn’t sound like much of a deal, but the dresses are only $160 each! The fabric alone is worth at least $60. So I didn’t want to drive too hard of a bargain.

The rest of the dresses were all white or cream-based, which I don’t like. Just doesn’t work with my skin tone and stains too easily. They said they will have more next week in colours I like so we shall see.

A closet full of these dresses solves so many problems. They are inexpensive enough that I can wear the ones I don’t like as much around the house and if they get stained or torn from doggie claws, no big deal. They look dressy enough that I can wear one to run errands and still look nice enough to go to a higher-end restaurant before. They are a breeze to clean. They don’t show sweat stains. They are comfortable. They can accommodate both my summer (thicker — I walk less) and winter (thinner — I walk tons) body. I really got used to wearing dresses in Maz after years of doing a skirt and top combo and I just love the ease of having to grab only one thing.

There’s just one teeny little problem. Can you guess what it is? Hint, I need to bring them to the fabric store and then find myself a seamstress!