Spoiled at the Cinema

I’ve been to the fancy cinema with the recliners near my house a few times now and have fallen back in love with going to the movies. Now that I know that Wednesdays are their almost reasonably priced day ($62 general admission), going to the movies is going to fall back into my regular rotation. Yes, there are less expensive cinemas in Mérida, but this one is such a comfortable walk away and, again, it has recliners!

The previews the two times I’d been advertised a special for the first third of 2018 where each month would feature a Tim Burton movie. April was… Batman!!! I was ten when Batman was released and I’m pretty sure I never saw it in theatres because I know for sure that I never saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in theatres either and it came out the same year. So of course, I put Batman on my schedule for this week and bought a ticket online to make sure I got a good seat. I was able to pay for the ticket with my Mexican debit card just as if it was a credit card. The e-receipt said that I just had to go to the ticket office, say I bought an online ticket, and then present the card I used to purchase the ticket — no fumbling around with my phone to pull up a proof of payment.

The movie was at 8:00 last night, so I left around 6:40 to be able to grab a fancy burger and a pint before the show. By the time I came out of dinner, it was 7:50 — perfect timing! I crossed the street to the theatre and went to claim my ticket, an easy process.

The showing was packed. I was so glad I bought my ticket in advance and got the seat I wanted. For this special showing, there were no previews, so the movie started just a few minutes past 8:00. At this point, I still had no idea if I was getting an English movie with Spanish subs or a dubbed version. So I was delighted when dialogue started and it was in English with subs.

The next couple of hours flew by. Despite how dated the movie looked, it really held up and it was such fun! I was super amused that in Spanish, Batman is Batman, but Bruce Wayne is… Bruno Díaz. No one else’s name is changed. Huh!

The movie finished at 10:00 and I was listening to Bonita’s howls of delight at her mum being home by about 10:20. 🙂 It’s such an easy walk, especially at night because there isn’t as much traffic and it’s easier to cross Calle 60. I walk fast and there’s a bit of a shortcut to come in from the back, so unless I’m stuck waiting for ages trying to cross, I can do the walk in about 15 minutes. The walk home was particularly lovely last night since the weather had cooled down so much.

When I was househunting, being less than 2KM walking distance from a cinema was on my wish list and was something I thought I had sacrificed when I chose to rent this house because the cinema wasn’t showing up on Google when I looked for cinemas near my house. I’m so glad I found it! Now, I won’t have to miss any more of those big blockbusters that look better on a big screen. Time to go brush up on the Marvel universe so I can decide if I want to go see the latest Avengers movie next week. 🙂