Adventures in the Labyrinth

My neighbourhood of Chuburná de Hidalgo is recognised as being a veritable labyrinth of short streets, streets at odd angles, and one ways. It is an absolute nightmare to drive in, but a fun one in which to ambulate. Of course, I’m terrible at taking pictures when I go out exploring because I tend to not remember to bring my phone. 🙁

Yesterday’s adventures took me to the northwest part of the neighbourhood.

Even though I was picking up something heavy, it was going to be much easier to walk than take the truck, so I headed out mid-afternoon with my wheelie cart. That sounds like a good idea in theory, but the sidewalks, when they exist, are terrible and the streets are narrow, so it’s actually quite difficult to walk with a wheelie cart and not be in the way of cars while minimising how much you have to lift the cart up or down. That’s why I never bothered getting one in Maz, but it makes sense to have one here for a few places I go to regularly.

The item I was going to pick up was a brand new still sealed in the box Crockpot for about $200 less than I would pay at Costco (I think the lady just couldn’t be bothered to return it after not needing it):

My current food management lack of system is not working for me and I’m going to try the “prep a bunch of meals on a weekend afternoon and fill the freezer for the weekday” method, where you put everything into gallon Ziplocs, thaw overnight, and then throw the contents in the Crockpot the next morning. I also like the idea of being able to cook whole joints of meat in the crockpot without heating up the house too much. At any rate, I’ve been wanting for ages to try crockpotting with a bigger unit than what I currently and was kind of waiting for a large programmable oval with removable liner to fall into my lap so I guess it’s time!

Today was going to be an Errand Day. I really needed to do a Costco run and also pick up something I saw on the garage sale site. There was going to be no good way to plan my route and backtracking was inevitable, so I just got on it.

First stop was Scotiabank and I also needed to go to a HSBC, with the one in Gran Plaza making the most sense. I’m starting to know my immediate area well and I knew that to get to Gran Plaza, I’d have to take Calle 9 and that there’s a Scotiabank almost at the corner of Calle 9 and Prolongación Paseo de Montejo. Since it was on the wrong side of Prolongación, I parked on side street off of Calle 9 and walked a block and a half and back to the ATM, approaching it from behind. Sounds convoluted, but was really the most efficient way of doing that.

Then, I headed to Gran Plaza (3) by way of Pemex (2) for fuel. I hadn’t taken my truck out since the last week of December (!) and forgot that I’d parked her while she was nearly on E! I did my withdrawal at HSBC and had lunch at the food court, then headed out to DHL in Xcumpich (4). It would have made sense to do Costco first, but we’re back to boiling temps and I didn’t know how long the DHL visit would take. So I didn’t want to chance parking for any length of time with food in the truck.

That was smart thinking since I was at DHL for a quite a while, but everything finally got sorted and I was able to continue on to Costco (5). Costco was a mad house. I could not believe how many people were there early on a Tuesday afternoon. That was good in a way since it eliminated any desire on my part to browse. I came in for what I needed (almond milk! peanut butter! English muffins! meat!), a few treats (chocolate almond milk! sausage! cheese!) and got out much more quickly than I expected, although I had to forgo the mango smoothie as the food court line was super long and I needed to get home, unload, and then go to my final stop of the day.

That final stop was actually not that far away, but with the one ways, I had to do quite a few more turns than if I’d walked.

What was I going to pick up? Well, my current areas of interest in the house for sprucing up are the entrance and my bedroom. I’ve been watching the various sales sites for extremely specific things and even had rough drawings made out to send to the carpenter for a quote if I didn’t find anything this month.

One of the things I wanted was a small dressing table with a couple of drawers and a mirror for my entrance. I’ve noticed that I always put on and take off my head scarves by the door, so I wanted storage for them there, as well as place underneath to stash my bags and a few pairs of sandals, plus a mirror for a final spot check. I had a very clear idea in mind of the size and shape of what I wanted and this was exactly it!

The perfect colour and cute vintage distressed look are a bonus! The lady was super nice and held it for me for a few days until I could get there. I’m so pleased and my entrance now looks so neat instead of having a bunch of stuff piled on a table. All the lettering on the découpage bits is in French, by the way (click the picture to embiggen and see the details). 🙂

Now, time to focus on the bedroom! Hopefully, I can get back to Home Depot this week as I found there last week something I’d despaired finding but couldn’t buy right then as I didn’t have measurements. Stay tuned for another not so riveting instalment of “Yes, I’ll Make a Better Effort to Take Out My Camera Next Time!”