Coppel Delivers!

I did some research about stainless steel rusting and bubbling last night to see if there was anything I should do to make sure that cosmetic issues with my new fridge don’t become functional problems. I immediately got results from very, very, very unhappy Samsung fridge owners. As it turns out, the issues with my new fridge are a well known manufacturing defect that has been going on for a long time that Samsung apparently doesn’t care about as they consider it to be merely a cosmetic defect.

This might sound like bad news, but it was actually good news to me. Out of all the complaints I saw, there was only one person who complained about the fridge operation itself. There were no problems of actual fridge function issues even after several years with the rust and bubbling happening, not even with the water dispenser. So now I know that except for the dents, the fridge’s cosmetic issues are normal for that brand and not indicative of where and how it was stored.

If I had paid full price for this fridge and it started rusting on me, yes, I would have been pissed off. But I got it for better than 50% off with full disclosure! I really don’t care to a point that the fridge isn’t pretty as long as it works well.

By about 3PM today, I was starting to lose hope that the fridge would arrive, but, of course, it finally turned up. I was really pleased that the parking around my service entrance was clear as that meant a straight shot from the truck to my kitchen. One of my neighbours is always parking in front of that door and I can never guarantee it’ll be clear. I am refusing to be annoying about telling people not to park in front of my house (unless it’s in front of the garage door I use!) even though the landlady said she absolutely did not tolerate it and would frequently call for a tow! But if I know I’m going to need parking in front of a particular door at a given time, I advise both of my neighbours who park in front of the house (one being the mechanic) and they are really good at remembering to stay clear.

I have a question I should have asked the guys today, but I didn’t have the right vocabulary for it — why don’t Mexican delivery people use a dolly? It might be an expense for a guy with a small shop, but can’t Coppel afford one for its drivers?!

At any rate, it is here! 🙂

Both sides are scratched up a bit, but it’s the doors that really that really took a beating.

Freezer door:

And the infamous damage around the water dispenser. Boy do I get why folks were pissed off that Samsung was all, “Meh, it’s just cosmetic. We won’t cover the repair.” You can see at the very left a bubble that if pulled on would likely take half the finish off the door.

The inside is sufficiently roomy!

Croft, here is my very nice portable ice cube making thingamabob. Once the cubes are frozen, you twist that knob in the front and, in theory, they should fall into the container below so you can make more ice cubes until the container is full.

THIS is what my last fridge was missing, a description of what each value is!

Now, here is the surprise of all surprises. I am shook. I had no idea this even existed. Can you understand what you’re looking at?

That’s a container to fill with water for the dispenser! So instead of having to fill a jug and open the door many times a day, I can just fill the dispense once or twice and then dispense water through the door! What a gift!

I was told to let it sit for 24 hours before plugging it in, but that’s not happening. I’ll plug it in before bed, fill it with some water bottles in the morning, see how everything is Friday morning, and then, hopefully, go for the grocery run of all grocery runs!