Killing Three Birds With One Trip

Today was a big driving day, but I was able to make three stops on the same route, so it was a very productive use of my time.

Of course, I awoke to SNOW. Vicki, I don’t have any pictures because it was already melting by the time I got outside at 7:30. It just nasty stuff to scrape off a car. I am really so beyond done with winter…

Even though I had to get clear across Montreal and back today, I figured it would be easy since it was a Saturday…

I stopped first for fuel and then headed to the Giant Tiger/Tigre Géant in Ste-Catherine/Delson to meet my sister because I had to give her a few things. We agreed to meet at 8:30. I was in the parking lot by about 8:12 (having given myself time to get the fuel and find the store) and she pulled in front of me at exactly 8:30. I was impressed.

I got to my next destination a few minutes late, but barely. Travel there had been no problem. I was meeting for breakfast an old friend from high school I hadn’t seen in 20 years! We only had a few hours to barely get caught up and we hope to see each other in Mexico…

It was then time to head back the way I came to visit family in Lasalle. A trip that had taken me less than 20 minutes earlier in the morning took over an hour thanks to wonderful Montreal construction. An idiot in front of me came darting in and out of my lane without flashing and after I almost hit him, I gave him a solid honking to. It’s not often that I do that, but he was being very dangerous!

So I arrived last to the family thing, but was able to spend a couple of hours catching up with everyone before heading home to work.

Thankfully, the drive back to Chambly after was almost uneventful, other than sometimes being behind people inexplicably driving 70KPH in a 100KPH zone… So according to Google, I should have spent about 2 hours driving today, but it was much closer to 3. I’m telling you, from the crappy driving conditions in this area to the insane amount of bureaucratic red tape and corruption, Quebec was the best preparation for moving to Mexico that I could have ever had and likely one of the reasons little there has yet to faze me!

If I can get this job done tonight, I am OFF tomorrow since a dear friend from Ottawa is coming all the way here to spend the day with me. Then, I have to put in a solid day on Monday, but it’s not transcription, so it should feel like a break. My social calendar should be lighter for the next two weeks now that I’ve seen everyone. I’ll see my siblings at least one more time each and my cousin asked me to join her at the theatre next Sunday since she has a free ticket, an invitation I was especially happy to accept since the show hours match up with the very limited Sunday bus schedule.

I’m pretty sure that this frantic pace is going to keep up right till I get to Chelem in just six weeks. Yes, six weeks. Let me graph that visually for y’all:

Am I insane? Probably.