Permanent Resident Card Improvements

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Wow! Ten days ago, I was notified that my application to convert from temporary to permanent resident was approved. Today, I have my new card in hand!

Mexico’s immigration system is moving into the 21st century, at least here in Mérida! You no longer have to get photos taken at a studio and bring them to INM, where they will ink fingerprint you and then send you on your way to return in a few weeks for your physical card. Oh, no. If, like me, you have a lawyer representing you, you show up for your fingerprinting appointment, move ahead of a long queue, and come out 15 minutes later with your shiny new card in hand! What a simple, stress-free process this ended up being!

Notice no expiry date!

I feel safe, secure, and rooted now in a way that I haven’t felt in a very, very long time. I’m happy here and life is good. Yucatán has moved from orange to yellow stoplight for the first time since late September, so we’re going to get a few freedoms back. It won’t be today, but I’ll be toasting my new residency status at a taquería very soon, the first time that I’ll eat at a restaurant in over a year.

I’m working on a post about what has been filling my days since October. It’s a career option more nomads need to know about as there is more work available than there are competent people to do it!