There’s Always Something to Paint

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My yard guy was here today. He enjoys painting, so I asked him if he could use the free Comex paint to paint the rear patio planter, to finish up the space. Of course, he was happy to do so, and he touched up a bunch of other spots as well to finish off the litre. I was surprised by how much he was able to do with a litre and that I still have two litres of the paint left!

What a difference this project made. Sure improved my view from the office!

This video shows the other painting he did and gives an update on the curtain rod situation in the guest room.

OF COURSE my contractor did not show up on Saturday as promised to put it up. He did the same thing last time, promising to come for a final pass and tidy and simply being a no show. This time, I thought this was particularly unkind of him since he doesn’t know that I now have a drill and so can complete the task myself.

I still think I will use him to do the final bedroom, but I’m definitely going to keep a tighter rein on him as he’s very good at showing up early, getting started all gung-ho, and then leaving me in chaos for a few weeks. I’m always happy with the end result because he knows his weaknesses and so uses very good subcontractors, so I think I’d be spiting myself to try to find someone else to do the last room. I also take into account the favours he pulled to get the office doors at cost and, of course, my amazing stone desk. He’s not a bad guy at all. But I do think he lost the rooftop terrace project I was going to do next year, as well as the roof recoating that we were talking about him doing this year. The exterior painters do that, so I’ll contact them instead.

My friends have landed in Mexico and will be here in five days! Tomorrow is going to be the big push with my cleaning fairy to get the guest suite ready for them so I can focus on putting in a solid three days of work this week so I can take some much deserved time off!

I Prevailed!

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Been a long day, the most notable part of it being that I finally got all my reports from the fiscalía!!! I don’t know if I mentioned this, but the insurance paid me already (!) so motivation to close up this wild goose chase was very low this week. I was pretty much decided to just give up if they didn’t have the paperwork today. They had the paperwork and I still thought I was going home empty-handed…

Guest Room Makeover and Master Bathroom Facelift Is Complete

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Nearly aaaaaalll done. Curtain rod is left, long story, but otherwise we got through my list! I’m very happy with how low-drama this project and that it was delivered on time and on budget.

The new AC alone was worth going through this exercise, but, of course, I’m thrilled to have another room go from boring white and beige to lovely blues, as well as to gain a beautiful fresh master bathroom without all the headaches of a full gut reno! And I don’t have to stare at the mess that I made of my bedroom doors. Really, this whole thing was worth every centavo!

I’ll be back with before and after posts once the rooms are cleaned and put together. 🙂

Penultimate Day of the Guest Room Makeover and Master Bathroom Facelift

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Almost there! Bathroom has just one tiny detail left. I’m so happy I went ahead with this project — my master suite really feels done now. I can’t wait to move in and show before and after pics!

Not much was done on the guest room today — just paint touchups. All that’s left is the curtain rod.

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