Mérida or Bust — Day Two: Douglas, WY, to Castle Rock, CO

Total Kilometres to Drive: 5,400

Kilometres Driven Today: 400

Total Kilometres Driven: 1,230

Kilometres Left: 4,170

Amount of Trip Completed: 22.78%

I had a super slow morning in Douglas, just enjoying the supremely comfy bed. A fairly meagre breakfast was provided, but there were make-your-own waffles, which I have to confess I rather enjoy! 🙂 I shut down the computer at about 10:00, but that failed because I needed to save a document. That turned out to be a good thing since I caught an email asking me to take a rush job! I had just enough time to do the job and still checkout on time (11:00).

The weather was quite nice as I pointed Moya south towards Wheatland, where I planned to get fuel. I stopped just before at the Dwyer Junction rest area, which was smartly set up to be accessible from either direction of I-25.

After Wheatland, I drove into a storm. Rain turned to slush and my windshield wipers became useless. I considered getting off at the next exit because I could barely see, but I was in the middle of nowhere and there was no traffic. It made more sense to limp into Cheyenne at about 40KPH with the four-way flashers on. This way, if the weather got worse, I’d be in a position to hunker down. But by the time I was done with lunch, the weather was clearing and I was rewarded with bright blue sky when I crossed the Colorado border.

All was going well until Denver, where there was a huge accident. I’m pretty sure I could have crossed the city faster on foot… Like last year, I was really grateful for my GPS. That delayed me enough that I gave up on my idea of going to the Apple store to see if they might be able to fix my keyboard and just drove straight to my destination. I’m staying with one of you lovely readers tonight.

There is more bad weather incoming, so I’m hoping to be on the road to Texas early tomorrow. I’m really liking the forecast in Amarillo!

4 thoughts on “Mérida or Bust — Day Two: Douglas, WY, to Castle Rock, CO

  1. The Denver Bypass is a toll road but it sure is nicer than driving through the city. “Amarillo By Morning”! I think that is a song. You are making good time even with the late start yesterday morning.

    • I usually get through Denver earlier and with no problems. 🙁

      This is an insanely long trip and the plan was never to do 12-hour driving days. Might as well enjoy my hotel rooms!

      My Amarillo song is “Sweetheart of the Rodeo.” 🙂

  2. Beautiful sky. No rush I hope and you can take in all the sights you want. I need to check your map route. There are some good stops along the way. I agree with Croft, “Amarillo By Mornin'”. Brings back memories.

    • No rush per se, but this is not a sightseeing trip. I have too much loaded in the truck to take an extra time on the road than I need to. My Amarillo song is “Sweetheart of the Rodeo.” 🙂

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