I’m Here!

Quick post from my first morning in California!

My first thought upon setting foot into the Californian outdoors was so strong I actually said it out loud: “Bloody HELL! It’s FREEZING!” Boy am I glad I packed long skirts, long-sleeved tee-shirts, and cardigans! LOL

From San Francisco airport, it was a long walk and a short Skytrain trip to the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station, which took me downtown in about a half hour. There, I knew that the only way I was getting to Neil’s was by taxi, so I made my way to the surface. For a moment, I thought I was at Montreal’s Berri station because there were so many panhandlers waiting to help travelers with doors, stairs, and directions. The one who got my suitcase up the steep stairs got 50 cents, the one who pointed out where to find a taxi got 25 cents, and the one who just begged got nada.

My taxi driver was great, getting me to Neil’s in what felt like the shortest way possible, and helping me with my luggage (he got a nice tip).

San Francisco, well, what I’ve seen of it, is GORGEOUS! I love how almost all buildings have bay windows. I thought that the terrain would be like Montreal, also a city built on hills, and it is, but a Sims City version of Montreal where the hills have been pulled up and up and up…. Going down Neil’s street, I had to tell the driver to slow down because I’d left my heart up two blocks back!

Neil’s apartment fits in with my stereotype of a ‘typical’ San Fran building–a gorgeous old Victorian with bright airy rooms. He even has a garage, which gives me a place to park my rental car when I get it at the end of the week and opens up some options for me as to when I’m leaving for Vegas.

This morning, I’m taking the CALTRAIN to Mountainview to visit Google headquarters and meet Neil for lunch. I’m aiming to take the 11 o’clock train and walking to the station. Neil mapped out a trek for me that’ll take me though Chinatown so I can kill two birds with one stone.

I’m off to find breakfast. Photos will follow later!

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