Halfway There!

And through the night, behind the wheel, the mileage clicking west,
I’ll think upon Mackenzie, David Thompson, and the rest,
Who cracked the mountain ramparts and did show a path for me,
To race the roaring Fraser to the sea.

This is what I had in mind this morning as we broke through the Rockies to find the glorious Fraser leading us to the airport. *awed*

(it’s a day for being welcomed by Frasers, obviously!)

Posting from YVR (free wi-fi, woohoo!) where I should no longer be. Unfortunately, the SF plane is broken, so our flight has been delayed an hour and a half. As long as I get there tonight, I refuse to be irked!

The day has been going well. Taking the bus was a good idea; I got to the airport in Ottawa in exactly one hour door to door and saved 27$.

US customs sucks, but what else is new? At least, I wasn’t searched, although I did have to schlepp through the security area in my bare feet (I need a shower!) and got to stand spread eagle as I was wanded over and over and over and over again and practically had to show my beeping bra strap to the attendant before she’d let me leave. LOL

Geeze, I just realised it’s 6 o’clock home time and I’ve been up for over thirteen hours! It’s no wonder I’m wiped!

I’ve been careful about food and keeping myself hydrated, eating regular small meals like tuna salad on the flight over and vegetarian udong here at the airport. I was glad I forgot to request a veggie sandwich for my flight over because I found that my tuna salad with crackers, carrots & dip, and chocolate bar were much better value for the prepaid 5$ voucher I’d bought. For one thing, I felt that I was enjoying a complete meal.

I bought myself a snack for the SF flight, but the more this flight is delayed, the more I think that I should go get something more substantial since I hadn’t planned on having dinner till I get to Neil’s…. Now, I’m thinking of revising that plan. 🙂

Let me end with this: I LOVE TRAVELING! *bounce, bounce, bounce*