Costco Membership!

F had to go to Costco today because he had a slow leak in a tire of the truck he and V are taking to Canada. I asked if I could join them so I could see where the Costco is and possibly get some almond milk. Sure! I happily changed into my favourite dress, a nice pair of sandals, and pretty earrings, feeling more like myself than I have for months!

The Costco is easy to get to and is right by the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya. There is a Liverpool right next to Costco that has a Scotiabank, so we stopped there first so I could take out enough pesos to cover my residente temporal card and expenditures for the next few weeks.

We then went straight to the Costco tire centre. Get this: fixing a slow leak on a tire was just $80! Pesos, folks, pesos! We then decided we were hungry and got pizza at the food counter. Very good pizza and only $46 for two big slices and a bottle of water!

V and F offered to let me get my own Costco card under their account for $250, but I decided that since a card was only $500 here (about 35CAD, 20CAD cheaper than in Canada!) I would get my own. Costco is the place to go to get “expat foodstuffs” so I suspect I will be happy to have a membership there. I will also likely start looking there for things like mattresses. Today, I bought a crate of six containers of no sugar almond milk in my second favourite brand for only $174, so $29 each, or 2CAD. If I pay less than 3.50CAD, I am happy, so this was a VERY good deal. The packaging is such that the unopened containers can stay at room temperature and I can just put one in the fridge as needed. They are good to the end of August, so there’s no worry about waste.

I saw lots of other great deals. Mexican cheese was super inexpensive, but even imported cheese like cheddar was significantly cheaper than in Canada (eg. 900g of sharp cheddar for only 7.50CAD when a sale price of 10CAD is a good deal in Assiniboia). The meat was also much nicer than what I’m used to seeing in Mexico. I think I will get a lot out of my membership!

14 thoughts on “Costco Membership!

  1. One time when you head in to Merida maybe you could check out the RV park for us? It is called the Rainbow Trailer Park. It was the subject of a marriage dispute last time we were there and I just wondered 1) if it still there and open and 2) what it looks like.

    We renewed our Costco membership when we bought the batteries but hardly ever use it because of the large quantities you often have to buy.

    • Oh, that park was here?! Remind me in a few weeks and I’ll check it out. 🙂

      I’ll soon be stocking up a house, I’m sure I’ll be able to use up big quantities. 🙂

      • It doesn’t look like much has changed. What a laugh, they charge extra if you have air conditioning but only offer 15 amp service. When we were here before three sites shared one 15 amp breaker. You had to take turns making toast and coffee! If you need air conditioning, you unplug and use your generator.

        The last time we were there there was no one to check us in so we just chose a spot. At 6 AM the wife in her BMW was banging on our door insisting we pay “RIGHT NOW” (before her estranged husband who ran and maintained the place) showed up to also demand payment. We had been warned of this and insisted on a receipt. She threw the receipt book at us and told us to write our own receipt. Unfortunately there is nowhere else in the area to stay with an RV.

  2. Enjoyed your blogs while you traveled to Chelem and will follow your adventures as you settle in the area. I guess I must have missed something but it sounds like you will be house sitting for the next few months. Love shopping at Costco here in the states and in Mexico, too. Think you will like having a membership there. In Puerto Vallarta the Costco had an ATM and although the limit was less then I like to withdraw the ATM charge was also must less so when the ATM at the bank was down the ATM in Costco worked just fine and that a good thing!

  3. the RVer next door told us that Costco gas is cheaper, too. We are going to look into that when we get back to the Midwest in about 10 days.
    We’re glad you made it safe and sound.

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