Another Mexico Shopping Tip

A very common business in Mexico is reselling of quality used American goods bought in bales or pallets. These goods can be resold here for a tidy profit while still offering good value to the buyer. These are the people you see having “garage sales” in front of their houses. Frequent posters on garage sale sites are also usually running this type of business.

These folks are a great ally for people like me who prefer to buy good quality used things for a number of reasons, including a better price, finding unique things not available in stores, and doing my bit for the environment. This is because these sellers see a lot of merchandise, more than you can sort through at a thrift shop or scrolling through online ads. I’ve learned to put feelers out with them and then let them find that rare pearl for me.

Just recently, someone posted a genuine leather tote bag on the local garage sale site. I asked if the colour was true as it appeared to be a nice pink, but the seller said it was red. Well, she got back to me a few weeks later to see if I’d be interested in a not as nice but very inexpensive real leather tote in a coraly-pink that she had grabbed for me “just in case.” I snatched it up!

Now, we come to tonight. I’ve got a doggie and housesitter incoming soon and I still don’t have a complete set of decent linens for the guest room — I have sheets but no nice blankets to go with them. I saw an ad the other day for a yellow and orange duvet cover with pillow shams that I thought would be nice and asked about the fabric composition. A lot of linens here have polyester, which makes no sense in this climate. Unfortunately, this set had polyester.

The seller said she’d keep an eye out for a 100% cotton set and I told her size doesn’t matter but I’d prefer matrimonial (full) or larger. I have twin beds right now but don’t want to end up with a bunch of teeny sheets and things when I move — you can just tuck the excess under the mattress. 🙂

Well, tonight she texted me a photo of 100% cotton duvet cover and shams.

The other side of the sham is turquoise and the other side of the duvet is navy. So you basically get two sets for the price of one!

I said I was interested and could perhaps pick up tomorrow. She asked where I live as we could possibly meet part-way. I don’t know who responded faster with the laugh-crying emoji when we discovered she’s practically my rear neighbour! She was on her way out, so she swung by my place and dropped the lot off.

Good quality linens are surprisingly expensive in Mexico. A set like this could have easily set me back $1,000 or more. The $350 I paid is an absolute bargain. and I gasped when I saw the colour as it works with other colours in the house, especially the master suite with its mostly turquoise bathroom. In fact, I’m tempted to keep the set for myself, it’s just that nice. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Another Mexico Shopping Tip

  1. What a great find! The color of the sheets is lovely. You’re definitely finding some nice things.

    • Thanks! Even if I could afford it, I’d never be one of those people who goes to a store like IKEA and furnishes and decorates her place in one fell swoop. I have a running list of things I’m looking for and what I’m willing to pay. When the right something falls in my lap, I recognise it!

      The duvet cover is great because I can use it as-is as a heavy sheet during the summer, but in the winter, I can put a duvet or a bunch of blankets in it to be warmer, while still keeping the “look” of my room.

    • 🙂 Im still hoping I’ll find a pinkest set for my room. 🙂 in the meantime, I have a lovely mostly pink Mexican blanket on the bed. The state of linens for the guest room is dire!

  2. Well, Rae, loan the acquired set to your guest room until the guest departs and then you can have it for your bedroom. Will give you much more time to keep looking for another set!😀😀😀

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