A Reading Nook

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Today was the day I’ve been waiting for for weeks, Décorama guys came by to install the new window coverings in the upstairs landing/mezzanine and my bedroom!

The direct sunlight this space gets made it unusable during the day. A new tower fan helped a lot, but replacing noisy vertical blinds with curtains is going to make the biggest change.

This space was a catch-all of good intentions for the longest time, with a table and bookcases holding LEGO, art supplies, and all manner of things I didn’t know what else to do with. I have to say I’m starting to regret not redoing the floor at the same time as the bedroom, but I also have some pretty grand plans involving the roof over the living room and I didn’t want to risk having to start all over with the floor. Painting is also on hold until some exterior issues are dealt with. So this might not be the prettiest new space in the house, but it is comfortable and functional. I love having a dedicated reading space again, away from my office, like I did in the motorhome!

Some sharp-eyed readers might wonder about lighting. I mostly read on my iPad, so a reading lamp isn’t a huge need. I have a little book lamp that I can clip to a paper book, which, frankly, provides better lighting than most “reading lamps” I’ve ever had! I do think that the next ceiling fan will have a light since the only other lighting in this space is at the far end, above the staircase (I hope that light bulb never burns out).