A Model of Efficiency

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I can’t believe how efficient the vaccination process was. My Uber surprised me by being right on time at 11:30, so I was at the Siglo XXI centre by about 11:40. The driver pointed out the start of the line and I thought, “Oh, boy,” what with the number of people milling about. It turned that that they were just milling about.

I was promptly funnelled into a general entrance, then the document check entrance, then the paperwork processing entrance. At this point I was sat in front of a young man who went over my documents, made sure I was in good health, and directed me in the general direction of where I needed to wait to be taken for my vaccine. There, a lady led me to a chair in a line. Within a couple of minutes, everyone in my line was directed to another line of chairs.

There, we were given instructions for the next few days — no alcohol but you can keep taking your meds, these are potential side effects, etc. It was very loud and echoey in the room, so I was very pleased that I understood everything. I don’t know if there is any assistance for non-Spanish speakers.  Then, I got my shot and had to sit for a few minutes before being directed to another chair in which I had to wait nearly 15 minutes before being allowed to leave.

My return Uber was quick too, so I this was a 55-minute door-to-door trip.

The vaccine I got is the Astrazeneca. I stayed up late last night reading about it because it has gotten so much bad press, but I was satisfied with what I read.

Now, the wait for the second dose starts!