A Week After Getting a Root Canal at Quality Dental in MĂ©rida, Mexico

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Well, I’m coming up to a week post root canal and I still cannot believe what a non-deal it was!

Yesterday morning, I had an appointment to check on the work. Everything looked good and, thankfully, they were able to cap it right then and there. I didn’t realise that that could have been a third appointment, which would have been a pain as this was already my third dentist visit in a week! The dentist is across town from me, so it’s a bit frustrating when I have micro appointments that take much less time than the trip back and forth! As it was, I got into an Uber at 9 yesterday and was walking in the door at 10:30 on the dot, with the root canal nightmare behind me!

It wasn’t until the dentist headed for my mouth with the drill that it finally hit me that he would not need to freeze me because I had no nerves left in that tooth! The drilling and polishing were uncomfortable as my tooth really felt hollow and I could feel vibrations, but there was no pain per se. It was such quick work that it was not a big deal ultimately. I was told that I could use my tooth “like normal” right then and there, no waiting for anything to set.

For dinner, I roasted some cherry tomatoes as the ultimate test, since one of those is what told me that I really could not live with the tooth pain. Dinner was a non-event, so I then did one last test, just in case, getting a celebratory Blizzard at Dairy Queen, making a point to eat it on my left side. All was good! 🙂

My next dental appointment, to check on my orthodontic work, is in a month. I’m really hoping that this is the last “regular” one for a while and that I don’t have to go back for, say, six months!