Goodbye, Miranda

Well, another door has closed. My beloved Miranda, who is starting to really get worn down due to water and mouse damage, has found a new home. This is the home that I spent the longest time in as an adult. I cannot even begin to summarize the wonders she has allowed me to see. But I am not being fair to her anymore and it is time to let her go. I know this because I am not even sad — I am actually relieved. Now, I have nothing to fret over in Canada. My outbuildings are weathertight and not an eyesore, so everything can stay there as Haven continues to increase in value without really needing more than grass cutting. Thank you, beloved neighbours, for watching out for me — and her.


So here is a story about the relationship between a Dog and her Human…

Human was in the kitchen preparing sustenance. Such things normally did not interest Dog. She was happy to guard the entrance to the kitchen but come no closer. But it was very loud outside, with the sky very angry. And Human was preparing CHEESE.

Dog saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone — get closer to Human, who would keep her safe from the loud sky, AND be the cheese quality control specialist, a job Human must feel is important as she was always asking Dog to quality control the cheese. Human understood all these things, but every time she turned around, she would nearly trip over Dog. Dog was doing a better job of being a trip assurance manager than a cheese quality control specialist.

Solution was simple: kitchen had a door. Lure dog outside with promise of cheese and shut the door. But the sky was angry and Dog was afraid. Dog was happier in the kitchen with Human.

So Human just made a mental note to check for and step over Dog when she made a move. Because Human loved Dog beyond anything she ever imagined. And based on Dog’s presence at her feet even when no cheese was present, the feeling was mutual.

The End