Visiting a Bosnian Bakery

This post is for my beloved friend Vicki, whose first question when I land somewhere is “Do they have bakeries?!” and then, if I answer in the affirmative, “What do they have?” 😀

I went out this afternoon to withdraw some cash to pay for my extra nights (which, btw, are just 15CAD each!!!), get some lunch, and grab a few groceries so I don’t have to go out tomorrow.

My first stop was Buregdzinica Bosna, which seems to be tied with Buregdzinica Sač for best burek in Sarajevo. I stupidly ordered cheese, so I can’t compare my two experiences properly. But what I had at Bosna felt greasy, salty, and nothing special, not like a proper meal, so I’m glad I had the meat burek at Buregdzinica Sač first, otherwise I would have just written off burek. I used “za poneti” (takeaway) for the first time!

After the ATM, I went to the bakery right across from Sibilj (the fountain). A bakery in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Serbia, is called a pekara. There were all manner of loaves of breads on shelves on the back wall, ranging in size and complexity of execution (regular and round loaves, spirals, braids, and more). I could see there was at least white and whole grain available. The bread is made fresh daily and people buy for their day.

At the front under glass were pastries, savoury things like burek on one side, sweet things like strudels on the other. The lady who served me spoke enough English to point to a few things for me! I decided to sample:

1) 1 loaf of fresh grain bread (it was still warm when I got it home!)

2) 1 apple strudel (far left, which I had as a dessert and which was fantastic, with toothsome apples and lots of spices)

3) 1 chocolate croissant

4) 1 sausage roll

Total: 5KM/3.90CAD/3USD

She also had cherry strudel and pastries with cheese and spinach as well. I don’t remember everything else.


Bread is one of many things that is of much better quality in Europe than in Canada and the US and the pastries don’t have that nasty waxy aftertaste I often find on the other side of the pond.

Hope this satisfies your curiosity, Vicki!

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  1. Trying again.
    I love all pastries, mostly sweet but will be adventurous with the savory one. Home made brad is to die for.
    Thanks Rae 😀

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