Up in Arms About Border Crossings

There is a thread going on right now on an RVing forum about bringing handguns into Canada.

Handguns aren’t permitted, it’s as simple as that. Many members of the forum apparently travel with handguns and were quick to link to Canadian legislation on the topic. There were a lot of ignorant responses like ‘Canadians aren’t allowed to protect themselves’ (actually, we have at least as many firearms per capita as do Americans, only in the form of rifles) and ‘there’s nothing worth seeing in Canada anyway’ (your loss).

I’ve never understood the American zealousness towards their handguns, but I will say that I’ve been equally motivated lately to not enter the United States, especially by air. Frankly, I find it insulting that I would have to be patted down, never mind how I feel about having to check my laptop.

During my brief stint in the intelligence field my suspicions were confirmed: the ridiculous airline security policies put in place since 9/11 only exist to put the mind of travelers at ease. Yes, they do scare off the less serious criminals, but they won’t trap those who are truly motivated. Case in point, the Christmas-day 2009 attempt.

I’ve been working hard at putting together a plan that might enable me to spend at least part of next winter in the southern US seeing as my Canadian snowbirding options have all been explored. But with the amount of suspicion between both countries and the uncertainty at the border, I’m loathe to make any firm decisions.

So much for the longest undefended border in the world.