Telus Should Work in Dawson City!

I just got confirmation from a friend in Dawson that my internet key should work this summer! Even though the RV park is 2km from town it gets good cell reception, so it looks like I might actually be set up for internet this summer. I’m definitely going to wait until I arrive before I suspend my service!

I finally managed to set up my online account and checked out how easy it would be to adjust my rate plan. I was a bit concerned when I saw that the plan amounts through the online account were different than from the general website. I had been told that my options were 30, 40, 50, or 65 dollars per month while the online account gave me the options of 30, 50, 65, and 85 dollars for 500mb, 1gb, 2gb, and 5gb respectively. I was concerned about a bait and switch, so I called Telus this morning and they confirmed that the general information is correct, ie. that I can get the 5gb plan for $65/months. Looks like they’ve lowered their rates, which is surprising but great news!

The rep I spoke to said that it would be best for me to call to change my rate plan and that I should do so as near to the end or beginning of a billing cycle, ie. around the ninth of the month. After I hung up, I realised that I should have effected the change to the 1gb plan right then and there. I will be able to use my account next week while on my trip and the billing period will end halfway through my drive north next month, so I’m sure that the bump to 1gb will make sense. I’ll stay on the 1gb plan into the beginning of June when I’ll know if the thing works in Dawson and also how much bandwidth I’m going to really need to do what needs to be done. There’s no doubt that I can eat up 5gb a month on an unlimited plan, but it’s time for me to scale back on my internet use. I think that moving to a limited internet plan is going to help me do that. There really is no sense in my paying $65/month if I can get by on a $40 or $50 plan.

I’m getting more and more excited about this, but will contain my enthusiasm until I can do a test post from Dawson using my own account. If I pull this off, I will save a wad of money this summer since I was seriously considering having the local ISP hardwire me for DSL for four months. Can you imagine the setup costs for that?! The monthly plans were more than I’ll be paying for Telus, too.

This contract takeover is really starting to seem like a great move. The next six weeks on it will be telling.

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  2. How do you find out how much bandwidth you have used up to any point. Can you go on the Internet and find out or does the software itself record it?

  3. I have two records; the software itself and I can also go online to my Telus account.

    I’m fortunate in that unlike a lot of people I have a very good general idea of how much bandwidth I really need and what I can do within the parametres of what I have.

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