Monday Morning Calm

Saturday was very busy here at the beach, what with the weather being as lovely as it was. It was a bit calmer yesterday what with the storm that threatened to materialize, but there were still quite a few people milling about. This morning, however, the beach is practically deserted. There are a few fishermen and I have only one neighbour, quite a ways down the beach.

I took a long walk between coffee and breakfast, walking a couple of klicks down the beach and looping back by the access road. There isn’t much to see, but I’ll try to remember to bring my camera next time because there is a really odd building for which I need some explanation.

My schedule continues to be odd, with bedtime between 9:00PM and 10:PM and my being fast asleep by 10:30PM, then being awake between 5:30AM and 6:30AM and getting up between 6:00AM and 7:00AM. I am savoring every minute of daylight! What a treat for the winter when I usually hibernate and slip back into a true night owl routine! I remember going to bed at 4:00AM and getting up at noon in Campbell River! Here, it just makes good sense to live in the sun as that’s when I can best power my computer.

I’ll be heading into Port Lavaca shortly as I need to mail a few things and get some fruit. I think that mangos have less far to travel to get to Texas because I haven’t had a bad one since I got here! And the tomatoes! I didn’t know you could get good tomatoes in winter! And that’s another thing about enjoying a sunny warm to hot winter. I am eating my summer diet, full of fresh salad and fruit and very light meals. So combined with the sun and good sleep, it’s no wonder I feel the best that I have since the end of my first Klondike summer.

I’ll check my travel guide to see if I can make an afternoon of my trip to Port Lavaca. It’s cloudy again, so I’d be best to turn as much off as I can so that my batteries can get at least a little top up. I’ve got about 3A coming in which is just a bit more than what is going out with just the fridge running.

And speaking of the fridge, I had no idea it had been working poorly for months. I am going to get a thermometer for it. I’ve had the fridge cranked to super cold since I left Hampton Roads and it has been fine, everything that was supposed to be frozen was frozen and everything that was supposed to be cold was cold, although I couldn’t tell you the temperature in the compartments. But then I did some maintenance on it (just cleaning the exterior compartment and burner assembly) and the next morning I woke up to frozen lettuce! Now, when I open the freezer door I get hit with a wave of cold air and stuff freezes solid in a few hours, not overnight and I had to turn down the temperature on it! I have no idea why it wasn’t as cold as it could have been and I don’t want to know. 🙂 I’m just glad that my 16 year old fridge is going strong!