Last Night in Stettler

I’m leaving for BC in the morning. It has been a great stay in Stettler. Donna and Ken always make me comfortable, but I have a full bathroom of my own in the new house, which makes a difference. I’m enjoying the shower!

The huge kitchen is also fun to cook in. Donna is working late tonight and came home for dinner, so I had dinner ready.

I never did get anything done while I was here since I got swamped with work and the weather has cooperated. This afternoon, I finally went out to organize the back of the truck, but gave up on the idea of properly cleaning it out due to lack of time. I really wish I’d made it more of a priority since rain or humidity got in and some of the wooden cases have mould. They need a vinegar rinse and time in the sun.

I managed to squeeze my Blue Boy in behind the front seat since I’ll be moving a lot of my bags to the back to make them more accessible while I’m camping. I have a ton of stuff to load into the truck in the morning. I used to travel light before I got used to having all my stuff with me all the time!

It’s going to be a long day tomorrow, so I’m off to bed. The goal is to pass the national parks (and maybe even do a little sightseeing) and then pull over around Revelstoke for the night. That said, it’s supposed to pour and if my truck bed is leaking, I may find myself needing to get further. I’ll post when I can.

4 thoughts on “Last Night in Stettler

  1. Hello Rae,

    I received a Google Alert notification regarding the blog posting on your visit to Stettler, the Heart of Alberta. Love Sushi may be reason enough for a return visit as the menu is extensive. If you didn’t notice it, our Tourism Information Centre is located beside Tim Horton’s. Locally the resource sector is active and specialized manufacturing has earned us the name of “Separator Capital of North America”. We do have a brief video on YouTube where you could collect additional info on the community. Thanks for sharing your experience in Stettler. If you need a photo for the book let me know. Regards,

    Aubrey Brown Stettler Regional Board of Trade & Community Development

    • Aubrey, thank you for your visit to the blog. Stettler is a lovely community and so well promoted. I didn’t notice that your TIC is inside Tim’s. Too funny!

  2. Another reason to stop in Stettler, Alberta. Bloke’s Bakery: Egg salad sandwich. You may ask how good could an egg salad sandwich be: but, this is worth a visit to Bloke’s. Plan to leave with a few homemade donuts.

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