Good Working Weather

Augh. The weather in Sarajevo the last two days has been just terrible, today especially. It has been like winter on Vancouver Island, hovering around zero with needling rain and super low clouds. I’m so glad to have an excuse to stay in and hunker down with work because I don’t have the clothing to handle this kind of weather, especially footwear.

It should be a little warmer in Kotor, but I’m expecting rain the whole time I’m there. 🙁 So that’s really disappointing.

If I hadn’t gotten the sit in Spain, the plan had been to move north towards Poland and to shed the summer footwear for something more climate appropriate, as well as pick up a coat at a used clothing store. But with me heading to sunny and hot Spain in 10 days, I’m just going to tough out the weather with what I have. I’m actually okay for the cold part in that I have everything I need to layer to be comfortable, but the wet is just nasty.

It’s been a good stay in Sarajevo, but I’m ready to move on tomorrow. I haven’t had any luck getting hold of the guy upstairs to see if he can get me to the bus station, so the plan is to walk down the hill to the taxi stand and get a lift that way. Public transportation to Lukavica station is complicated (several transfers) and doesn’t actually take you there, only about 1KM away, so that justifies the cost of a taxi since I need to be there early. Ottawa, Ontario, is the only other city I can think of off the top of my head that has such an inconveniently located bus station that is poorly served by public transportation.

It’ll be another very long day on the bus, but I will get my first glimpse of the Mediterranean Ocean/Adriatic Sea, so I’m pretty excited about that. Again, how the hell did this get to be my life?!

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