Feline Adaptability

Yesterday’s chaos in The Apartment really stressed out my cats. When it was finally time to bring them down to the rig, they decided they weren’t going anywhere and it was a job and a half to get them downstairs. But soon as they were in the rig, they were transformed. Everything is where I left it and they immediately went to their favourite perching spots, no roaming around, no looking lost. They knew exactly where they were. It was rather amazing to see proven my theory that cats have as good a memory as dogs.

Today, I must have made three dozen trips down to the rig. Neither cat seemed particularly perturbed by my comings and goings. Tabitha snoozed the day away in the loft and Neelix did the same in the study. They only showed me any attention if I came to them for a quick cuddle.

It has been a very long day and I still have some things to square away, but I’m pretty good to go for tomorrow. I hoped to be done in The Apartment by around 8 tonight, which I was. Next on the list was a shower, and then I buzzed my maintenance guy so we could say our good-byes, knowing that I’d get beer this way. My plan worked like a charm! Aren’t I clever?

Well, my winter with unlimited 120V power apparently killed my computer battery, so I have to sign off for tonight. I have transcription to do when I get to Swift Current (!) so I’ll quickly know just how much juice I need to run my office for a full day on inverter power. Today, which was slightly overcast, my batteries were fully charged by noon and I could have still had 5A go into a secondary battery bank. Let’s see if this trend keeps up while I’m living full-time in here again!

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  1. Rae, I am so excited over your hitting the road posts. I have read quietly for the last 6 months or so ( gees I can’t remember the last time I posted, sorry!). I have spring fever wanderlust BAD right now, so I am living through your new travels. 🙂

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