Drew Barrymore’s RV Trip

Croft ‘Roof Ripper’ Randle won’t feel so bad about his RV misadventures when he hears Drew Barrymore’s harrowing tale of RVing across the US of A:

As I side note, I was coming out of the Max Factor building in LA, which houses the Hollywood History Museum, when I ran into a tiny woman who looked extremely familiar. I apologized and she said “No worries, I was daydreaming!” No fewer than four witnesses came up to me to say “Do you realise that was Drew Barrymore?!”

After this clip, I believe it!

7 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore’s RV Trip

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  2. Yeah, well, Rving is an adventure, isn’t it?!!

    Nothing that bad yet, but hey, the adventure is still young…. finding wood to knock, saying a quick prayer, throwing salt over the shoulder, and grabbing my non-existent four leaf clover encased in plastic on my rabbit’s foot key ring…… (like it was ever that lucky for the rabbit…..) LOL
    I guess even Celebs can enjoy the misadventure of Rving too. 🙂

    • I haven’t ripped off my roof, thank goodness, but I have done some serious crunching. Got to take the bitter with the sweet I guess. 🙂

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