My friend whose parents live here in Campbell River told me that one thing I had to try out west was halibut, especially the cheeks. I had halibut a few times and understand now what the fuss is all about as it is a delicious fish, sweetly mild and fleshy, but the cheek thing eluded me. Well, tonight her parents had me over for a final meal and one of the dishes they served was halibut cheeks. They looked quite close to this:

They cooked the cheeks by dipping them in milk, dredging them in flour, and then cooking them in oil. There were no other seasonings. I thought they would taste and feel like fish, but my friend was right; they are a delicacy unlike any other. The only frame of reference that comes to mind would be that the taste is close to properly prepared squid and the texture is close to properly prepared scallops, but I’m not sure that does them justice. I had three pieces and the cheeks grew on me with every bite.

I love that my country is so huge and has such varied ecosystems and climates that there are foods in one region that are virtually unknown in another. Each time I discover one, I feel so proud and happy, like I’ve discovered a wonderful secret guarded by a few. I think the only thing that would be better than BC halibut cheeks would be BC halibut cheeks served with New Brunswick fiddle heads