A Lazy Morning on the Adriatic Coast

I got a big work project for today! This is my office!!! I’ve  never worked outdoors before, but this terrace is covered and the furniture is perfect for typing. I will be very happy here as long as my computer battery holds out.


I brought down some breakfast stuff and rather hoped to be offered coffee again. This showed up within minutes of my setting up shop.


I was really disappointed with this hostel when I arrived the other night. Now that I know I do have a private bathroom even if I have to go into the hallway to access it and I have such a wonderful workspace with my coveted view of the Adriatic, I am so happy. Coffee and fresh mandarins are just a bonus.

It will be a mostly staying in day. I will go out in a bit to find the food store to get lunch and dinner fixings since the kitchen is usable.

6 thoughts on “A Lazy Morning on the Adriatic Coast

    • It’s similar to Bosnian coffee in that they simmer the grounds, which then go to the bottom of the pot. As long as you don’t pour out the whole thing, there are very few grounds in your own cup. I suppose it is a little thick, but it’s so flavourful, not bitter at all. They traditionally drink it with just sugar, but I prefer it black or with milk if it’s available to me. I get a lot of weird looks for not wanting sugar. I actually had my afternoon coffee with sugar, to treat it as an extra special snack, and didn’t like it as much!

    • Well, the job was Monday and Tuesday’s expected project combined as one, so it wasn’t extra work, but it frees me up tomorrow for another client who should be uploading work any minute now.

    • Indeed! It got a bit cold, but I was also blessed with warm fruit compote and, later, another pot of coffee! Oh, and some plums!

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