A December 25th Worthy of Remembrance

I really feel that Christmas is ‘just another day’ so I debated whether or not to write up about today’s happenings, then decided that they were worthy of note.

First of all the weather was incredibly mild by the standards I’m used to for this season. For me, this Christmas was truly a balmy one spent by the ocean. How idyllic does that sound?!

I worked today from 10 to 6 and it was non-stop crazy busy; so much so that at one point I had to ask the manager, who sat in his office for a few hours, to come and help me! What didn’t help was that first thing someone spilled their French vanilla ‘cappuccino.’ That stuff is basically flavoured water mixed with sugar that dries to a sticky mess. It took me an hour, between customers, to mop up the mess, which made its way deep into the cabinetry. Later, someone dropped a container of milk in the dairy cabinet, so I had to clean that up, too.

My eight hour shift flew by and I practically had to throw my last customer out the door a six. I love shifts like that! The manager had thought we would be super slow, but nope. We were apparently one of the few stores open and the only one in all of Campbell River with good coffee. I think Tim Hortons might have lost some customers to us. 😀 A lot of people came in and said to me “Oh, poor you, being stuck with this shift”, but I cheerily told them that I had volunteered for it and was quite happy to be there, which, really, I was. I just learned that I’ll be doing the New Year’s Day shift, too, which is fine with me.

After work, I headed home to change and then walked UP to my friend’s parents’ place. It was only barely more than one kilometre, but straight up a steep hill. I worked up quite the appetite! Within a few minutes of arrival I was sitting at the computer with a glass of white wine Skyping with my friend back in Wakefield, Quebec! That Star-Trekish technology never ceases to amaze me! We had a good time catching up and I finally saw how much progress she’s made in building the house of her dreams.

A wonderful turkey dinner, and too, too much white wine followed. I find that a lot of people go overboard with the food at Thanksgiving and Christmas and was glad this was not the case tonight. There was a lovely salad to start, a reasonable amount of delicious sides to accompany the turkey, and a very light dessert of cheeses and sweets. I had a lot more wine than I normally have, but I wasn’t driving, so I decided it was okay to indulge. 🙂

I think that my favourite part of the meal was the Brussels sprouts! Now, I like Brussels sprouts well enough, but I had never had them like they were cooked tonight and I am now motivated to make them for myself. They were steamed for about five minutes, cut in half, dried well, and then sautéd in olive oil with previously browned garlic as well as a minced red pepper and slivered almonds, leaving them nice and crunchy. I think it’s the first time in my life that I only had one serving of potatoes and turnips and two of Brussels sprouts!

My gracious hosts gave me some suggestions for day trips to make in the vicinity of Campell River as well as places to visit elsewhere on the Island. Some of the suggestions are for free excursions and I just happened to get gas as a gift this Christmas (a highly original idea from the gas station manager 😀 ), so soon as I get a nice day for hiking I have something fun to do.

Today was a nice, low-stress, more-special-than-normal day. I feel truly blessed.

Happy holidays to all my readers!