Tired of This Weather

One of the reasons I was eager to buy in this part of the country is the climate, which is supposed to be hot, dry, and sunny at this time of year. And it usually is. I have this uncanny knack for showing up somewhere that the weather is completely off kilter. We’ve averaged cool, overcast, and frequently thunderstorming since I got here in May. Oh, we’ve had some really nice days, but they have been the exception.

I woke up to grey weather, yet again, and got to work (I got a HUGE project for August, yay!). Around 2:00, the sky had cleared and I thought, great, let’s take a break and do some laundry! I got one load washed and hung and was just about to put out the awning when massive grey clouds rolled in. I just managed to squeeze in another two loads (hanging them in the rig) before the sky started to grumble. It is about to pour. Seriously?!