One Person’s Trash…

Something I knew I would eventually want for Haven as soon as I got outbuildings was a treadmill. There’s not really any place to walk to around here unless you want to walk around the block 50 billion times and there’s certainly no place to run. Because of my bad knee, I am very picky about where I run and so I haven’t had a regular running routine since I hit the road eight years ago. It’s something I miss and that I always pick up again when I have a good place to run.

Last summer, after getting the buildings, I put a wanted ad on Kijiji for an inexpensive treadmill. I soon discovered that treadmills are something people buy, don’t use, and then want a full return of their investment. The market was saturated with treadmills and no one wanted to offload one cheap.

So needless to say, I got suspicious two weeks ago when I saw an ad in the local buy and sell paper for a FREE treadmill. I figured it had to be a crappy old manual one and didn’t bother calling.

The ad was still there this week, so tonight I decide to assuage my curiosity and called. As it turned out, it was not a manual one, but an older basic electric model.

I asked the giver awayer where in Assiniboia she lives. She apologized and said that, yes, her number is in Assiniboia, but she actually lives in… my hamlet. She’s my postmaster!!!

Reeling from shock, I asked if I could go pick it up right away. She pretty much begged me to do so, saying that it had been (covered) on her porch (also covered) for about a year.

I drove over there and she plugged it in and turned it on and I gave it a try. It needs some cleaning, but works great! She, her husband, and I wrangled it into the truck and I somehow wrangled it into the cabin, facing the door so I can look out in my yard when I’m exercising. There’s a stand on it that will hold my iPad so I have something to watch while I’m working out.



Now, if I can only get a bench press to materialize the same way, I’ll be well on my way to a little gym. I also have my stepper, which I use quite a bit, but which I don’t enjoy nearly as much as I know I will enjoy the treadmill and which is harder on my knee. And by the way, running is a much more natural gait than walking and causes me a lot less pain.

I’m waiting on a phone call, so I can’t go out and try it, but I’ll pull out my running clothes so I’m ready to go first thing in the morning!

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  1. Yay for good neighbors! Be careful that your iPad does not encourage poor posture on the treadmill, though. Upright is important.

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