I Bought a Mattress Today

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Phew, today was a big spending day, but I think that takes me to just about the end of the big expenses for this phase of the house improvements. I was thrilled that all my stops were within walking distance. I set out around 9:30 and was home just as we started to get the full noon sun.

First stop was a framing place to drop off the picture I want to put on my accent wall in my office and which informed all my design choices for the room. It took forever to find the right frame and I was 99% happy with my final choice. I also had framed my painting of Bonita, and that was a much, much quicker frame to find. Not sure where I’m hanging that one just yet, I think up in my new reading corner.

Next stop was Decorama to order custom blinds for said new reading corner, as well as my bedroom. All the current blinds in the house, as well as the patio awning, come from them, so I knew the quality would be super high. To my surprise, I got service in English! I’m happy with my choices. The sales attendant will be dropping by tomorrow tomorrow to double check my measurements and confirm how much bigger than the windows we want to make everything. They said that they can have an upholstered headboard made to match my new bedroom blinds, so I’m definitely going with that option. I ended up going with a neutral I hadn’t thought of for my blinds and which will look great against the purple. I’ll leave it at that until the bedroom reveal in a few weeks!

Final stop was Super Colchones for a mattress. I have now been sleeping in a hammock for three years.

I started to sleep in a hammock for two main reasons:

  • the beds that came with the house weren’t that comfortable and, being in a rental and on a super tight budget, buying a mattress didn’t make sense
  • the hammock would be cooler in summer weather as I was really trying to minimize AC use, again, due to that super tight budget

I continued to sleep in a hammock because:

  • it was hella comfortable — I have no natural padding on my pressure points, so I need a very specific type of mattress to be comfortable. The hammock is like floating, being absolutely weightless
  • in relation to my last point, my sleep improved dramatically
  • it was good for my back and even straightened out my spine a little

Things that annoyed me about sleeping in a hammock:

  • while it is great in hot weather, it absolutely sucks on cold nights. We get plenty of those here in the dead of winter — my room can get down to 10C/50F in late January/early February. I never let the RV get that cold! No amount of adding insulation below me helped me get really warm and I’d end up in this ridiculous burrito of blankets with a hot water bottle
  • the aforementioned burrito made it hard to get up for those nighttime bathroom trips
  • it always felt like I was camping, never truly sleeping at home
  • it spoiled me for the average bed — I had a hard time getting used to a bed in Oaxaca and slept poorly that whole week. I’m going to start travelling again, it’s inevitable, and I want to be reacclimatised to sleeping on a mattress

I’m now also at the point where I’m so used to sleeping in the hammock that my sleep isn’t as good as it was when I first started sleeping in one. Before I start on a full on sleep study and consider medication, my doctor wants me to sleep about three months in a bedroom that feels like a proper sanctuary and which is sufficiently dark and comfortable. Hence the custom blinds and my ending up at a mattress store.

Super Colchones seems to be the MVP of mattress stores here, so I didn’t even look anywhere else. Like in Canada, mattresses are always “on sale” and it’s hard to find a real deal, so I was most focused on getting out the door with something comfortable on budget.

I told the salesman that I’m a side sleeper who needs a bed that can relieve pressure on my hips, shoulders, and knees. The first bed he had me try out was fantastic. It was also 22,000 pesos with the box spring. If that was it, budget be damned, but surely he had some other options? I asked him about a cooler bed — I’d heard about some sort of gel technology for that. He went “Ah!,” and led me to another bed, which was a little too firm under the gel/memory foam top.  He had another similar option, and the third bed was amazing, even better than the first. Before he would tell me the price, he had me try a fourth, the absolute bargain basement mattress that fit all my criteria. After beds one and three, it felt like a one-inch piece of cheap memory foam over plywood (sorry, bed!). He went off to his computer to price bed three for me. 25,000 pesos for the mattress alone, but I’d caught a “sale” and I could have the mattress and box spring for 15,000 pesos. Right on budget, so sold!

I’ll have the bed tomorrow, but blinds, cooling pillows, and sheets will be a while, so I’m not going to get to try it right away.

I had no sooner gotten home, had a quick dip, and changed that the doorbell rang. I almost ignored it, but then heard a big truck outside. I had ordered from Coppel last week, so could that be them, without calling first?! It sure was, with this absolutely stunning and perfect final piece for my office

I want one for my bedroom, or at least something similar! I can’t believe it took me this long to think of putting my books in a glass-doored cabinet. Coppel had this piece sold as a buffet (trinchador) in their dining room section, so well spotted by me. It works perfectly as a bookcase, correctly sized and meant to take a lot of weight. It was a bargain, too, at only 3,500 pesos.