First Official Mail Received At My New Address

I went to the post office this morning and my box was full. I got a replacement part for my water filter, printer ink, and then two official-looking envelopes, one from the RM of Willow Bunch and the other from the Southland Co-Op.

The first letter wasn’t my water bill, as I expected, but instead my property tax notice. I am going to go so broke paying my $25 property tax bill every year! 😀

The second letter was confirmation that the Southland Co-Op has accepted my application. I am officially a resident of the area! It costs $10 to join the Co-Op, so I was very pleased to find a $5 gift card in the envelope! The benefit of joining the Co-Op is that you get equity back every year and you can get a payout at retirement age.

Now that I have a couple of proofs of residence, it’s time to start working on my transfer to Saskatchewan. I’ll likely go into Assiniboia on Thursday or Friday to talk to an insurance company and get the ball rolling.