I think it’s on record that I’m one of those annoying cooks so comfortable in the kitchen that she doesn’t need recipes or special equipment to make a satisfying meal from rather disparate ingredients. I’ve been cooking for so long that I don’t even remember learning to cook.

I’m trying to use up the odd bits and pieces that friends left me before departing for northern climes. One of the things was a small tin of green enchilada sauce. I needed a quick dinner tonight, have had green enchiladas on the brain for a while, and had the follow bits to use up in addition to the sauce:

-chicken, rice, and tortillas from lunch;

-two tortillas in the freezer that were about to go off;

-a small hunk of Chihuahua cheese;

-a spoonful of crema.

Even if I trusted my oven, I don’t have any ovenware here, so I made dinner in my cast iron skillet, layering tortillas and a chicken and rice mixture, then drenching the whole thing in green sauce, reserving a little. I reduced the heat, popped a lid on the pan, and let the whole thing simmer until the sauce reduced and the bottom tortilla went from soggy to crispy.

Then, I flipped the whole thing over, cut the heat, added more sauce, and put shredded cheese over top, replacing the lid to melt the cheese with the residual heat from the pan.

I plated half of the dish and served it with half of the crema.

Dang this was good! The green sauce is quite spicy, but very flavourful, and the cream and cheese cut through the heat. It will be even better tomorrow once all the flavours have melded together.

It’s really not pretty to look at, but here tis:


I’ve been really curious about this sauce, but wasn’t willing to spend the few pesos to try it because I’m stupid that way (and was worried that it would be too spicy). But now I know I will be adding it to my pantry next winter. I may even bring a tin or two of it home!

Next, I have to try the red sauce by the same brand, of which I also have a tin.

I’d like to add to the mothers out there that I had a small head of broccoli as an appetizer. 😉

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