My New Home Office

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After five years of working from make-do offices, whether they be the bed in my Belgrade apartment or just an ugly desk in the wrong room of this house, I finally have a home office that reflects how hard I work. I love what I do and what a blessing to have a room I love to do it in!

This is a long video, so here are a few pictures and details for those not interested in the bla bla bla. Please note that I have provided below links to some products, and some of those are Amazon affiliate links.

I’ve always wanted a turquoise and orange room, so there was no real decision to be made about the colour scheme of this room! I also wanted a wood-look floor. The solid stone desk, pretty much a gift from my contractor, is a more “luxe” element than I would have let myself dream of (yet so affordable!), but the huge splurge of an Aeron chair by Herman Miller was always factored into the budget. New, grounded outlets to allow for the use of a surge protector were another important element of the room.

I get plenty of natural light from the new door and the skylight, which is just a very thick piece of glass over the existing hole in the ceiling.

the colour of the light through this frosted glass changes throughout the day

A curtain rod and valance through this little basket is effective at hiding my tangle of cables! The basket holds external hard drives and the bulk of the wires.

The iPhone does not register colours well. The room is not at all blue like this.!

This is a much more accurate representation of the actual colour of the room, definitely a very greenish turquoise heading towards teal.

Paint from Comex (their off-the-shelf “turquesa” and “naranja” indoor/outdoor paint)
Flooring from MCP in caoba
Photo of doors by Gandi Photographic Art
12-drawer cart from Honey-Do
keyboard by Azio
hub by Satechi
phone/iPad stand
rug from Homestore
desk by local stone mason
doors by local aluminum worker
flamingo painting by local artist
cooling blanket that Bonita actually uses
framing of doors and Bonita picture by Contraluz
turquoise fan and trash can from Walmart
wireless charger from Waitiee
mug warmer from Dimux
coasters from Miniso
bookcase from Coppel
monitor mount by Vivo (and Vivo adapter for older monitor)
fast and reliable internet access from Izzi
world map and typewriter from LEGO
retro tissue box
desk lamp
CyberPower UPS and surge protector from Office Depot
Aeron chair by Herman Miller (through Grupo Dynamic)
cart between wall and desk by AOJIA
valance and rod for hiding cables
snake plant from Campos y Torres
ceiling fan from Honeywell (no longer available, purchased at Home Depot)
inverter air conditioner by Zmartech