People Magazine’s World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest

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I just entered Bonita in People Magazine’s World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest. One of the prizes if she wins would be a 1,000USD donation to Evolución Animal A.C., the refuge that took such good care of her for the ten years between her rescue and us finding each other. I think that the care she got there can best be summarized by the fact that Bonita is food secure. Even living with 200+ other dogs, she has knew her next meal would come and so she doesn’t steal food or scarf it down. She is very lucky that they found her.

Evolución is having financial difficulty at this time. They’ve had to reduce paid staff and are struggling to feed all the animals. They recently put out a call for donations. If you love animals and are looking for a charity to support, this is a good one that will use your money wisely.  Here are all the ways you can donate, with PayPal being probably easiest for foreigners:

Day Seven of Office and Bathroom Reno

(Post 113 of 263. Thanks again to those who participated in the Fundrazr. As I mentioned in the post announcing Bast’s passing from COVID, I thank everyone for your generous donations to the original Fundrazr campaign, which resulted in sponsored 263 posts. I will continue to honour the commitment to write those 263 posts, but I will not commit to more. The link above is to a new campaign to help Bast’s family.)

I thought a lot happened yesterday. Ja ja ja ja.

The first thing that happened today was that I had to go back out to the tile place to get more tile since the tile place miscalculated how much tile I’d need. Augh. At least, I misunderstood my contractor last night that we’d need eight boxes more rather than eight total. So we only needed four more. The lady at the store remembered me and offered, without my asking, without my even mentioning that they’d goofed with their measurements, 25% off my purchases today since I had to come back. Just goes to show that a little sweetness goes a long way. I bet if I’d gone in angry and demanding a refund on my delivery fee, I would have gotten nothing. Instead, I basically got a box of tiles free!

I also picked up an absurdly expensive toilet seat (Did you know slow close/quiet seats are a thing? I didn’t. It was love at first sight.) since they had Helvex branded ones. I was surprised that Home Depot sells the Helvex toilets but makes you go off brand for the seat. They do that with a lot of products — like if you buy a ceiling fan that needs an extension, you cannot get the extension that goes with your fan and have to MacGyver yourself one from whatever they do have. It’s a very silly store. But I digress! On to the Day 7 progress!