Day Four of Office and Bathroom Reno

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It was a quiet day, just one worker on site. Even though he was cutting ceramic tile, the noise cancellation on my AirPod Pros is such that I barely heard him.

The floor poured yesterday was cured this morning. I was a bit surprised by how rough it is, but they use a self-levelling compound that works best with a rougher surface.

I requested that we keep that threshold. It’s super rough-looking but has that rustic farmhouse aesthetic that I’m craving. There’s a similar finish on the ends of the stairs that I also hope to keep.

I caught the tail end of the discussion between the contractor and tilesetter whereby we all realised there had been a miscommunication that the wood-look tile would continue in the bathroom. I think it would have been beautiful, but it’s not the look I was going for. I want to walk in and feel like I’m underwater. My contractor said that would be fine and asked me to confirm the arrangement, saying that staggered like the wood-look would use up more material. I think he was relieved when I told him they can just go end-to-end, like the tile in the house is right now. So they’re going in like this and then will continue up the wall.

If I understood correctly, the longer walls (one of which we’re facing in this photo) would have the tile with the long end perpendicular to the floor and the short walls will have the tile with the long end parallel. This way, there will be a seamless continuation from floor to wall. I think. Anyway, for some reason, I’m not as fussy about that, so I’m willing to keep trusting in the process.

The wood-look tile is exactly what I was dreaming off. I cannot wait to have it through the house, even if that’s going to be a bigger project than expected. I’m so glad I’m going all out and having my master bedroom done with it next. I’m absolutely thrilled with it — it’s not too light or too dark, and the tonal variations make it look like the real thing.