Mexico is Modernizing

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I first came to Mexico in 2014 at a time when it was starting to modernize. In just seven years the country went from primarily using cash to debit cards becoming so common that a Facebook Marketplace seller showed up at my door with a little machine to take a card payment from me!

But probably the biggest changes have been to immigration. When I started the residency process in 2017, I was getting very outdated and very bad advice from folks who went through the old system and hadn’t updated their knowledge (a problem in all areas of life here with old-timers, so be careful who you get advice from and ask how recent that advice is!).

Immigration has gone digital and is tracking visas and permits now. The days of being able to live here infinitely on a tourist visa, leaving every six months for a day and coming back in, are over. If you want to leave here long-term, get a residency visa. If you are here illegally, tou will be caught and you will be deported. This video covers all of this in much greater detail.

I’m seeing a lot of complaints from folks here illegally about these changes, which is pretty funny because these tend to be the same folks complaining about illegal aliens in their country! My only complaint with the current immigration crackdown is that the rule that you have to carry your residency documentation is now being enforced. In that case, they need to make the replacement of that card in case of loss or theft a lot less terrifying and onerous!

It’s exciting to living in a modern country with a brand new digital infrastructure!