A Welcome Ping

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I woke up this morning to several posts on FB from various government agencies and news outlets announcing that the vaccination for my age cohort was starting tomorrow, according to birth month! That meant I was on day two, this Thursday, between 8 and 6PM. Thursdays are Lulu days, so I figured I’d greet her, then head up to the convention centre to get my jab. Well, I just got a text message from the department of health with an actual appointment. I’m scheduled tightly this week, so it’s great that this should be just a quick outing. It is a teeny bit frustrating that there is a vaccination centre two blocks from my house, but based on my postal code, I have to go all the way up to the convention centre — I’m not complaining, though!

They are telling me to bring printout of my CURP card and vaccination registration form, and also official ID (I’m bringing both my PR card and my CDN passport). And because I’m a belts and suspenders gal, I’ll probably bring a couple of proofs of address, like my latest utility bills. I’ve only heard of non-citizens having problems getting their jab in small villages, so I don’t expect any trouble, but it’s good to be prepared for anything!