Planning the Office Makeover

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I cannot believe we’re at June 1st. I’ve been buried in work and today was my first real day off in memory. I lost most of it to having to catch up on administrative tasks, but it was great to knock all of that off my to-do list. I also made some progress on a master closet room reorg and refresh, but spent the bulk of the afternoon working on the plan for my office makeover. I’m starting to despair about that ever happening because contractors keep cancelling their appointments to give me a quote, but maybe now that I know what I’m working for, things will start to move.

Here’s a sneak peak of what I’m working on. Hopefully, the software will get easier so that I can model the whole property!

The Lulu I reference in this is my cleaning fairy.

I mention my friend Jan in this. Please go check out his wonderful photographs!

The desk is from Rambling Renovators — been following Jen since she started in 2007 (!) and this was one of the rare times our styles match!

And this is the LEGO map I mention: I cannot wait to put it together (when it gets here — I suspect it’s going to be a long while) and add pins for all the wonderful places I’ve been and I’m hopeful will go to in the future!