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Four years ago, I was freshly landed here, my temporary residence formally extended for a full year. I was living in a big, beautiful, private house. I had the company of a good dog. Cleaners came every week. I had to do the maintenance, but I had the use of a pool. For the first time in my life, I began to see another way that I could maybe live my life. I’ve always had very modest dreams. But my summer of luxury, even as I was scrambling to earn enough money to move into my own place, showed me a very different possible future than the one I had been told I should settle for.

So here I am four years later. Permanent resident. In my own big, beautiful, private house. I have the company of a good dog of my own. I have a cleaner who comes once a week. I am still doing my own pool maintenance, but it’s not a particularly onerous task because, hey, I have a pool! And I am financially comfortable.

It is really easy to get stuck in ruts and in self-limiting patterns of thinking. This is in no way the life that I thought I was going to design for myself, but there’s no complaints here, just a lot of gratitude. 😊