I’m a Permanent Resident

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After three years’ reprieve from visiting INM, my temporary residency was up at the end of this month. Time to get out of Dodge… or convert to permanent residency! This time, I decided to pay to have an attorney do the process for me. It was too important a step to mess up, the INM office has moved and is no longer convenient to get to, procedures have changed, and, frankly, my new hourly rate is too high not to pay someone else to do things like this for me now.

I met with my “fixer” last week to give him my passport and temp card and to sign a few forms. That was it! He emailed this afternoon to say my application was approved and now we just need to schedule my fingerprints and photo. INM now takes the photo for you, so that’s one less hassle as well!

Now, we need to deal with my truck. My fixer has a connection with SAT (tax office/customs) who will help us navigate the COVID force majeure exception procedures so that I can dispose of my truck here while still satisfying my legal responsibilities. I’ll be sad to see Moya go, but she’s rusted through at this point and has earned her retirement. My hope is that I’ll be able to donate her to my mechanic neighbour for parts. Once I’m through my office makeover, the next project will be to buy a small city car. As things are opening up again here, traffic is picking up again and waiting for an Uber is starting to take longer than running the errand. I’m still not comfortable getting on a bus. So a car is starting to reach the top of my wish list once the office is sorted.

It’s been a roller coaster of a first third of 2021. But the two biggest stressors are off the list at last and now, I can just keep moving forward.